10 Things “The Dream Planner” Does

“The Dream Planner” is exclusively designed to…

• Assist you in fulfilling and enjoying whatever Dream, Vision, Calling, Passion
or Purpose that God has put in your heart!
• Arrange and Assign Priorities to any goal or number of goals.
• Activate the Forces of Fulfillment that are already in your spirit!
• Awaken your dormant passions…
• “Redeem the Dreams” from the prisons of the “shelf” and “back-burners of your life”.
• Strategically fulfil your dreams and goals in organized segments of time.
• Help you to wisely transition from your day job to your dream job!
• Finally make your time more valuable, prosperous, and satisfying!
• Provides you accountable for how you use and spend your time.
• Helps you make time to be a blessing to others.

  And so much more…


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