Does “The Dream Planner” really work?

Some may ask, “Does The Dream Planner” really work, or is it just another daily planner with a gimmick and a fancy name?” I really do understand your concern and right to know what you’re really getting. “The Dream Planner” really does work. It will do everything that it was uniquely and divinely created to do. Yes! “The Dream Planner” really does work! But then, so does my car.

Sitting out in front of my house is my car. It works! In and of itself, everything about it works. It has so many wonderful parts, components and features all designed to work together to comfortably take me to any destination I desire. It will do whatever I make it do. It will take me wherever I desire to make it go. The only requirement for its operation is that I operate it, drive it, and make all its features do as I, the driver, make it to do.

No matter how new my car may be, how good it looks, or how great it works, I’m the one that has to do the driving. The car cannot take me to my destination unless I am in it to drive it. For me to get the best out of everything that my car was designed to be and do for me, I have to operate it. So it is with “The Dream Planner.”

“The Dream Planner” works, but it takes a believer, a visionary, a dreamer to make it work. It takes YOU to make it work. It takes a “Dreamer with a Dream” to make “The Dream Planner” work. Just as the car comes fully equipped with everything it needs to do its job of getting you to your destination, God has fully equipped you with all that you need to get you to your dream destination. You are equipped with such things as faith, hope, passion, patience, diligence, determination and other dream forces for the fulfilment and enjoyment of your dream, vision, ministry, business, service, product, or whatever God has blessed you with to be a blessing. The question now is, “will you really work?”

When you drive, you take the whole car with you. You don’t just take half the car with you and leave the other half at home to save on gas. Likewise, it takes the application of the whole you, all of who you are, what you are, and what you have to get the fullest benefits out of “The Dream Planner.” The more of you that you will apply, the greater the results and accomplishment you will get out of “The Dream Planner.”


Don’t be just a  dreamer! Don’t be just a planner!


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