My “Dream Planner” Story!

As I have done on occasions before, I found myself deeply thinking about what I’m going to say to the Lord on that day when I have to give an account about the calling(s) He has given me to do. After meditating on this for so long, I began a startling conversation with the Lord. “I really don’t think this is fair for you to expect me to fulfill all these things that you’ve give me to do. How can I write all the books that you’ve given me to write? And, on top of that, I have to work so many long hours and long days to try and make a living. It really just seems so impossible to do. There’s just not enough time. It’s just not humanly possible.”

Having stated my case, I actually walked away thinking that I had won my case. I just knew that I won my case. I felt that I answered for myself now, and that I would not have to wait until judgment day to know that I was “off the hook.” I felt so relieved of all those great burdens that were simply impossible for me to fulfill or to be responsible for in one lifetime.

A few days later, I was looking at a calendar. As I was looking at this calendar, I found myself fixated on the numbers. The Lord was revealing to me a different way to read the numbers on the calendar. He showed me a way to read the calendar vertically instead of just horizontally. This began the creation of “The Dream Planner.”

The Dream Planner has opened my eyes and mind to a new way of thinking, planning and fulfilling the dreams, visions and goals that God has given me. The Dream Planner offers a unique way of fulfilling any size and any number of things that God gives you to do. It is especially great for accomplishing big things and multi-tasking.

Now, I have no excuse! The Lord will not be outdone. I have a full life without that feeling of being overwhelmed. I have a sense of satisfaction knowing that I really can do all things, even dream things, through Christ who strengthens and enlightens me. The Dream Planner gives me control and command of time that I never had before. I now have little to no days of excuse, boredom or waste. I now live a fulfilling and satisfying life knowing that I’m doing things that I once believed were impossible to accomplish. And I haven’t even started good!

I really now know for myself that “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” I’ve always had the will. Now, God’s Dream Planner is a way. I pray that you let The Dream Planner will be an exceedingly great blessing to you as it will to countless others! Amen!


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