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Other ideas and suggestions to use with the Dream Planner

The following are some considerations for categories offered for greater use and greater results with the Dream Planner.


One of the biggest reasons that people hate their jobs is because they’re not living their dreams. One reason that they’re not living their dream is because they have or make no time for their dream.

One reason most people don’t have time for their dream is because they don’t plan or schedule their dream. God’s word in Habakkuk 2:2 admonishes us to “write the vision. There’s a lot more to writing the vision than just writing the vision. To write the vision also incorporates “planning the vision”.

Some people think that their dream is too big or even too personal to fit into their everyday lives. Too much of their time is taken up by their occupation, marital life, family life, and so on. The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as “not enough time” The problem is usually that there is little to no scheduled or planned time for their dreams.

The Dream Planner offers God given strategies to plan and make time for dream fulfillment and goal accomplishment.

(Caution: it is not suggested by the makers of the Dream Planner that you just up and quit your job! We’re here to offer you ways to quit excuses)


Some people are living their dream life. They are enjoying that dream business, dream service, dream ministry, and so on. The problem is that they have no enjoyment of their personal life, marital life, family life, social life is not what it should be. One of the greatest reasons for stress and burnout is too much dream life and not enough personal life, or too much personal life and not enough dream life.

The Dream Planner is designed to help you plan and balance your life for maximum enjoyment in every area of your life.


You must plan to brand. One of the greatest secrets of success, prosperity and dreams fulfillment in the bible is the secret of your brand. God created a name brand for Abram. God changed Abram’s name to Abraham, and branded him with the brand, “father of many nations”. Even today, that brand still lives and prospers through us as seeds of Abraham.

There is a brand about you that is waiting to be named and known in this world. Whatever God has called you to be and or do has to do with your brand. To have a brand is to take a stand. This means making time to maintain your brand. Plan your Brand on the Dream Planner!


There’s a saying, “Team work makes the dream work”. How true this is. Jesus was not a “one man show”. Even He had a team of disciples. Decide on the kind of team you need for your dream. Use the Dream Planner to continually contact and connect with your dream team.


Find and remember what inspires you! There’s a saying that goes something like, “inspiration is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration”. Yes! But, perspiration without inspiration is simply “sweat”. Find and plan to stay inspired. Use the Dream Planner to make your dream a “no sweat” journey”.


In consistency lies the power! An action here or an activity there does not necessarily mean that you are consistent or that you have momentum. You must always remain aggressive and progressive to obtain the kind of dream fulfillment that you desire. Use the Dream Planner to plan activities that will consistently and consecutively keep you going, your fire burning, and your dream happening.


There are too many dreams on the back burner or stuck on the shelf because of the lack of focus. DISTRACTION CAN BE THE DISCRUCTION OF DREAM FULFILLMENT. The degree of your focus may be the revelation of the priority of your passion. Priority is an accelerator of dream fulfillment. Focus and priority go together. Use the Dream Planner to strategically plan them both.


Your dream life should not be a dreaded life. God word in Mark 8:36 says, “For what profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul”. Joy is strength. I like what a character in the movie “Predator” said, “I’m gonna have me some fun”. Find, know, plan and keep your joy! Use the Dream Planner to plan activities of fun and relaxation both with and others and especially by and with yourself.


There’s a saying that goes, “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. The Dream Planner is a God given strategy to plan the consistent and consecutive prosperity and success of any dream or goal. The key word is “PLAN”.


Ideas without plans to implement them are just fleeting thoughts. God’s word instructs us to “count the cost”. That does not just mean financially. To count means to seriously consider everything that it will take to finish the job. Many times when you do this, ideas will come to you as to how to do it better and less expensive. Capture these ideas and include them on the Dream Planner.


It’s one thing to have a natural talent or ability to do something. It’s quite another to continually master or perfect it. Seek whatever other education or training needed for the development of yourself, your gift, and your product. Use the Dream Planner to plan activities, places and events that will sharpen your edge.


Of course, it’s going to take some financing. If you’re blessed to have it, fine! If not, use the Dream Planner to plan time and activities to find whatever monies, financing, grants, scholarships, contests and places that give away money for well thought out ideas.

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